My name is Laura and I love all things Italian…food, cooking, culture, travel and, of course, PIZZA!!

Last Fall (2015), my wife and I installed a wood-fired pizza oven in our yard, fulfilling a decades long dream of mine. So now, here I am, a virgin at cooking in a wood-fired oven. I am also very much a virgin to blogging as well. I wanted to do this blog to journal our adventures and because I had a hard time finding other sites during my research process to help a virgin like me…Madonna, where were you when I needed you?!?

I’m hopeful that you will learn from my mistakes (I’ve had plenty already) and share in my successes!

My plan is to share the building process with you as it progressed and what we’ve been cooking since then. I will also share some recipes and a lot of photos of delicious food!

I hope you will join us on our journey to the world of wood-fired cooking…

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